We will establish a Net on the 147.390 repeater when called to activate.

We will have three (3) teams deploy to locations within St Mary’s County to verify the location of designated Geodetic Markers

Team 1 – North end of the county (Charlotte Hall/Mechanicsville/Sotterly)

Team 2 – Central area of the county (Leonardtown/Hollywood/California)

Team 3 – South end of the county (Lexington Park/Ridge/Point Lookout)

Each Team will have an APRS equipped vehicle beaconing their location as they deploy

Upon locating each marker, each team will compose and send to Net Control a ARRL Radiogram via voice stating verification & condition of marker

Net Control will gather all the reports and generate an ICS-213 (General Message) form in WINLINK Express summarizing the status of all markers

Net Control will transmit via WINLINK (VARAHF on HF) to a relay station in Charles County who will forward on to the Section Emergency Coordinator