Hams with a plan...

Month: September 2023

CALVEX 2023 After Action Report

  1. Objectives of the Exercise
    • Bring all gear online and convey information from the EOC to ARES/RACES members using:
      • Amateur Radio Repeaters (HAM)
      • General Mobile Radio Service Repeaters (GMRS)
      • Send/Receive Radio Mail Messages over the air (WINLINK VHF Packet)
    • Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and interactions with other County Stakeholders during an activation.
  2. Accomplishments
    • Successfully activated a Resource Net and communicated with ARES/RACES members on 147.390 Leonardtown Repeater
    • Updated programming on Icom-910 with UHF/VHF Repeaters in accordance with STMA ARES ICS-205
    • Successfully transmitted and received Radio Mail messages via WINLINK VHF Packet
    • Reviewed Calvert Cliffs Response SOP and witnessed stakeholder actions during an activation.
  3. Areas for Improvement
    • Attempt to contact ARES/RACES members via GMRS unsuccessful due to a faulty microphone connection.
      • Radio was removed from service, bench tested, repaired, and will be returned to service end of September 2023
    • Maintaining situational awareness of events within the EOC is impossible from the COMM Room.
    • Further review of the SOP is needed, and training must be conducted with ARES/RACES members well in advance to ensure a smooth activation/shift change.
    • Resource Net activation script needs to be drafted and practiced by ARES/RACES members.
  4. Summation
    • Overall, this event was a success. Most objectives were met and ares for improvement have been identified.

New PL Tone Coming to Leonardtown

The 147.390 Repeater in Leonardtown will soon have a different PL Tone.

Trustee is looking to change to a tone other than 123.0 as there is a repeater in West Virginia with the same repeater pair and tone that, during certain ducting conditions, we interact with each other.